Premala Malaspina

Premala Nensi Malaspina

Her path of personal growth led her to meet meditation and become a disciple of Osho. After learning Reiki, she started to experience the Energy of Light – Prana – transmitted through her hands. Deepening her research, she discovered her Love for Massage and trained in Esalen Californian Massage and Psychic Massage with Sagarpriya De Long, soon becoming a practitioner in these techniques. Later, she completed a training as Massotherapist MCB at the Istituto Ecolife of Milan, learning other techniques like Connectival Massage, Myofascial, Lymphatic drainage, Sports Massage, muscular Taping and Shiatzu. For years she has been working on herself through various workshops and trainings with Siddho, such as the Family Constellations Training. She currently collaborates with the Osho Tao Essence Institute in Milan.

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