Arpita Swich

ida swich detta Arpita

Meditation and the meeting with the spiritual master Osho brings about a total change in her life, both at the personal level by taking her to Sweden, and at the working level by opening the way to work with people. In Sweden she is co-founder of an Institute for Family constellations with the aim of spreading  the constellation work through professional trainings and workshops. She is also co-founder of Richterskolan, a school for people in the design field, with meditation as a way to personal growth and creativity. Focus on her own personal growth has brought her to train in different methods: Star-sapphire Energywork, Family and Organizational constellations, Essence Work, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing, Mindfulness and ISP Integral Somatic Psychology. This is what she shares in her work with individuals, couples and groups.


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